Info SEO – The Panda Update

When it comes to search engine optimization, there are certain rules and guidelines which need to be laid out for all those who engage in it. With the help of this regulation, it actually makes the world a better place to do business. This is because the people who are employing illegal practices would be punished whilst those who are doing their job right would be rewarded. Same is the case with Google Panda as well. According to Charles Prothero of Prothero IM (a Cardiff based SEO company), this is referred to the change in the search results of Google after it was initially released in the year 2011.


The main reason why this change was brought upon was because many sites who were employing black hat practices could get away with what they were doing. But now, thanks to this change, they no longer could continue to do that. This is because the new Google Panda update was specifically done to lower the rank of thin sites or sites which were low in quality. On the other hand, it aimed to push the high quality sites higher up in the search rankings.


Therefore, as you can obviously understand by now, this is considered to be a very important update for all the SEO companies out there. However, it is also not something which they would have to be worried about. This is because thanks to a couple of handy and useful tips, these companies will be able to avoid penalty when going under the screening process by Google

• Separate out the content which is low in quality

The first thing which you would have to do is find out those contents which are low in quality and then keep them separate. In order to be more effective, send them again to be revised if you feel that there is the scope of improving the content.

On the other hand, if you are confused about the quality of the content, then try to think about certain factors. For instance, do you feel that the content is duplicated, does not cover all the relevant points, and would it appeal to your target customers?

If you find the answer to be no for the majority of the questions, then you know that your content still needs some work.

• Focus on unique content

For internet marketing, it is of utmost importance that you try to keep things as fresh as you can. This is because these readers have the lowest level of patience so it is highly unlikely that they would read through the whole thing to just find out what they are looking for. Therefore, instead of giving tons of details, focus on the more important aspects. After that, try to spin that a bit to make it more interesting and useful for your target audience. The key to capturing their attention is to present them what they want in a silver platter.

• Recognize and track Panda updates

Last but not the least, Panda updates are something which will be coming on from time to time. Therefore, if you would not like to be seated at the end of the bandwagon, then it is important to keep yourself involved in these kinds of things. Always look out for the latest updates and then accordingly work on it. 



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Can Non IT People Be An SEO Expert?

Whenever you utter the word, SEO, you definitely recollect the IT people, as the professionals. However, there are many good SEO experts, who are not basically from IT background. Anyone can be a SEO professional, if he or she understands what exactly is needed there. There is absolutely no need of coding or no need of knowing computer languages. So, how can this profession be confined for the IT professionals? Just understand, what is SEO and how it can be used. The rest will be understood easily.

seo expert

SEO And Its Use

SEO is all about making your site suitable for the search engines to track them. Better your website is tracked by Search engines, more it is optimized and more remains the chances for the viewers to find them. Now, you must be wandering what are the things that can do the task for you.

The first of the tasks is to make the keywords ready. It is just the psychological mapping of the viewers and searching users. What they will be searching and what words they will input, for the searching, are the two things that are to be initiated by the professionals. They will have to be mapped accurately and used in the contents of the site. After keyword, there are the backlinks. They are the links that will direct users from different sites and within the site. You will have o make the site visible and accessible. That is what you need to do and that can be done by any professional.

Training Of SEO

IT people do not learn making SEO in their course. So they also have to learn the details, separately. Now you can understand, that whether you are an IT professional or not, you can easily find the support from the training. They are going to give you a support, with which you can easily provide business level support for different websites.

You can face some initial issues and there you might consume some more time than usual to find the effect of your work on the search engines, but remember that it is faced by all the professionals at the beginning. As you will gain experience, you will find that the concept is so easy that even a person. Without training can do that for a site. Just you will have to learn the fundamental concept and then apply that with some added tricks. Tricks are added every time for making SEO. So follow the technical gadgets to remain updated. That’s it.

Be An Excellent Professional

Once you learn the full process, try to develop a website for yourself and make SEO of that. This will give you the necessary confidence that you need. You can also apply the tricks there and turn yourself habituated in using them. Once you get used to them, you are now ready to take up assignments and work as a freelancer. More sites, with more varieties, you handle, more will be your experience, resulting a better tomorrow for your profession. As you will work more with them, you will develop some of the tricks, by yourself. Be innovative. This field always seeks innovative professionals.

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